Terms and Conditions

This page outlines the Terms and Conditions for the SERnuke.com Engine Packages and SERnuke.com Website

Our engines REQUIRE the use of GSA Search Engine Ranker software. They are not stand-alone apps. You will also need good working knowledge of GSA Search Engine Ranker in order to use them with any proficiency.

Engine Licenses

A single purchase of a SERnuke engine package is for personal use, and by purchasing a single license you are entitled to activate the engines on one (1) machine running GSA Search Engine Ranker, under a single operating system only. Purchase of a SERnuke engine package license gives you the right to use the engines on one machine for life, and you are entitled to all bug fixes and new functionality published in future versions of the engine. To use multiple copies of an engine package on different computers at the same time you will need to purchase additional licences.

Due to a single SERnuke license being assigned to a single PC and OS there may come a time where you obtain a new machine, reformat your operating system or otherwise change your circumstances. We permit one (1) license unlock per 30 days in order to accommodate your change of circumstances. This is provided free of charge, however excessive license changes beyond the one free unlock per 30 days incur a $10 administration fee.

Under the terms of the license agreement, you are forbidden to share SERnuke engines or API key details with non-license holders or upload it to a publicly accessible location including but not limited to file sharing sites such as Rapidshare.com, MediaFire.com or similar as well as any FTP, news group, blog or bulletin board service. If our licensing system becomes aware your instance of the engines or API key details have been shared either intentionally or accidentally, uploaded to such services, or tampered with in any way to circumvent the licensing policy outlined in this document we reserve the right to disable your active licenses and you will not entitled to a refund under any circumstances. Users are responsible for keeping their license details secure.

Refund Policy

If you have any troubles with the SERnuke engines, please contact us immediately. We provide full support for using SERnuke engine files, but cannot give support for GSA Search Engine Ranker in general, as we are not the software author.

SERnuke engines have a 7 day refund policy in the event that you cannot get the engines to work. We cannot refund engines because you changed your mind, you no longer need it or you assumed it performed some function not advertised on our website. We make no guarantees as per the number of links you can create using SERnuke engines, as this is down to your own usage of the GSA Search Engine Ranker software. Our engines give you the ability to submit links, but the rest of the work is down to the user. Reunds through Stripe are usually fulfilled by Stripe within 5 to 10 days. We do not offer any refunds to orders paid via cryptocurrencies.

Payments made by mistake which require refund, which are not the fault of SERnuke.com, such as the buyer not owning GSA Search Engine Ranker in the first place, are subject to a $10 processing and accounting fee.