What are custom GSA SER engines?

GSA Search Engine Ranker (SER) enables users to submit content and links to a variety of platforms for SEO purposes. There are hundreds of engines built into the software by default. We at SERnuke offer custom platform engines that allow purchasers to submit to a variety of new platforms, opening up potentially thousands of more options for link builders. These platforms have been meticulously researched and scripted, extensively tested, and packaged up fresh and ready for consumption by SER users.

Our engines are scripted to submit to a variety of different platforms, and as such users will need to be able to scrape their own target lists to submit to. A full set of footprints is included with each engine, along with other potential sources for obtaining target urls. Because of this, SERnuke's engines are aimed at experienced SER users who are comfortable with the software and are already building links with it on a regular basis. We do not recommend these engines if you are new to GSA SER or are not comfortable with tasks such as building your own lists.

How does it work?

Our engines are grouped up into packages, either by similarity (a group of similar platforms) or other relationships. To access a package of engines, you buy an API key licence. This API key will allow you to use the package of engines on one copy of GSA SER. Purchasing multiple licences allows for multiple copies of GSA SER to use the package of engines. Once licence equals one copy of GSA SER running on one computer. Should you ever need to move your copy/copies of GSA SER to other machines, we offer the ability unlock your package licences once every 30 days.

To add your purchased packages of engines, it's simply a case of adding the API key and endpoint to the APIs section of SER. The software will then download the new engines to your computer, and will also download any updates that are released in the future. Engine packages are one-off purchases, with no additional charges to use, and all updates are provided for free.

Who is SERnuke?

The guy behind SERnuke is me, cherub. I've been a GSA SER user pretty much ever since the software was released back in 2012. Over the past 10+ years, apart from the developer Sven, I've scripted and donated more new engines to SER than any other user, including:

  • gnuboard
  • DW Question & Answer
  • Yclas
  • phpBiolinks
  • Chameleon
  • myUPB
  • PHPMelody
  • MediaGoblin
  • AvArcade
  • WallpaperSiteScript
  • GeekLog
  • PeoplePods
  • jobberBase
  • OnlineGuestbookPro
  • MediaMaxScript
  • CumulusClips
  • PHPBookmark

...and various Web2.0 engines (that were quickly spammed to oblivion!) The first 3 engines in that list usually consitute the majority of contextual targets in GSA SER list services.

I've been scripting engines for SER for my own use for years, and now with the help of both Sven from GSA and Oscar from ZombiDev, I can offer other SER users some of them.