Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run engines?

To properly use our engines, you'll need a copy of GSA SER, a set of decent proxies, a captcha solving service or app, and generally some email accounts. You'll also need a good working knowledge of how to use GSA SER, as our engines are aimed at advanced users, not beginners.

How do I install engines? uses the ZDLic licencing system integrated in SER, which means adding your purchased SERnuke engine packs involves just a few copy and paste operations. From the main SER screen, click on 'Options', then 'Advanced' (the cog icon), then click on the 'APIs' tab. There should be a box subtitled 'ZDLic Engines' with sections for 'Endpoint', 'API-Key' and 'Last Update'. To add a new engine package, click the 'Add' button. Next, enter '' in the 'Endpoint' box, and the API key for the engine package you wish to activate on this copy of SER. To get your API key, visit your dashboard page. Each of your purchased engine packages are listed here, along with their corresponding API key. You can either copy and paste this API key manually, or just clicking it with your left mouse button will copy it to your clipboard. Paste your API key into the 'API-Key' box, then click 'OK'. SER will then attempt to access our API, and if your API details are correct and you have a spare activation available, your new engines will be downloaded to your local machine, and will now be accessible alongside the standard SER engines - look for a section named ''.

For further information you can consult the documentation PDF file for each of your purchased engine packs, downloadable from your dashboard.

How do I report sites that my engines are not submitting to properly?

We run extensive tests on all the engines we offer for sale, but sometimes the engines will fail on some sites. This can be because of customization made by the site owner, malfunctioning of the site in general, the site running an older/newer version of the platform that we haven't seen, or a variety of other reasons. If you find such sites when submitting, you can send them to us to help us fine tune and update our engines. To send us non-submitting sites, please do the following:

See if you can create an account on the site manually. If you can, then try and add links and content on the site. If you manage all this manually, then please send us the following:
The url of the site that is not being submitted to by SER.
The url of the link you were able to place manually.
The username and password of the account you were able to create manually.

By providing these details, you allow us to work out the workflow of the site quickly, and hopefully make any updates needed to allow automatic submission. We can't accept plain lists of urls with no other information.

I want to use my purchased engines on another copy of SER, how do I do this?

Each purchased licence allows for 1 use of an engine package on 1 installed copy of GSA SER. If you have multiple copies of SER running on different machines, or want to move your installed engines to another machine, you can either buy another engine activation, or you can reset your existing activations via your dashboard. Simply find the package/API key you want to reset, and click the 'Reset' button. You are alotted one licence reset every 30 days. If you have a free licence reset available, there should be a button named 'Click to Reset API xxxxx activations'. Clicking this will unlock all activations for your licence, allowing it to be used on another machine. If you have already unlocked your licence in the past 30 days, you can either wait until the 30 days cooldown is over, or purchase a fast track licence reset for $10. This charge is to deter licence sharing and other fraudulent activities, and to free up our time to develop and update our engines.

I want to make my own customisations to the engines I bought - can I do this?

All of our engines are encrypted to prevent sharing, and as such are not editable. If you have any specific changes you wish to be made to an engine, drop us an email with your suggestions and we'll see whether it's feasible and if we think it will improve the engine.

Why are only a limited number of engine copies sold?

We're limiting the total number of copies of our engines that are available for sale for a couple of reasons. Firstly is to try and prevent oversaturation. As I'm sure you've seen in the past when working with SER, the default engines are used and abused by every other SER user, which quickly results in platforms drowning under tides of spam. Secondly is to try and offer some exclusivity to our clients. If you run a link building service, and can build links on platforms that your competitors can't, this can be an advantage for your sales.

Do you offer verified lists for the engines you sell?

No, sorry. You'll need to be able to scrape your own lists to be able to use engines.