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The SERPs are a battlefield.

On this battlefield, backlinks are the weapons you'll be waging war with. You'll use them to kill off the competition, while exploding your own rankings, and landmining the trail you've blazed for anyone trying to follow you. You need to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their accountants.

Do you plan on winning the SEO war? Do you have what it takes to defeat your opponents? With SERnuke engines, you'll be armed to the teeth!

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These custom engines are undoubtedly the best add on for GSA SER. I've managed to increase my site list by a few thousand new sites in a matter of days with the wowonder and git-alikes engines. They make excellent profile and contextual links. It's like having your own private network of sites to drop links on.

London, UK

The support from @cherub has been good. When I had questions about the engines, he helped me quickly... The CPU load from the SERNUKE engines is really good, unlike the other 2 paid web 2.0 services (which I would rather not name), which cause many Chromedriver browser-spawned processes that, at times, crash GSA ser... I have no issues at all with the load from these engines.

Asia Virtual Solutions
US / Thailand

I was impressed with the quality of Sernuke's backlinks, new targets for building our spam-free link building campaigns, and high-quality sites with contextual links. I'm using Wowonder and I'm very satisfied. (I'll start using Git-Alikes soon, I've already seen the links profile, and they are excellent)

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